For years… no, for decades (like three of them), we’ve been fighting to place a “Middle Eastern and North African” ethnic category on the decennial census, and 2020 was set to be our year. But even the census is not safe from the orange administration, so when it was announced the 2020 Census won’t have a MENA category, we were not happy and have called it a “severe blow” to our community and an “egregious rejection of stakeholder interest that impedes the possibility of an accurate count.” We’ve gotten used to many things being politicized but to delay an important decision and guidance from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) knowing full well that it would upend a multi-year long researched process was notable for even us.  Don’t worry, though, because it is not like everything—from health data to language assistance at polling places to the allocation of 675-billion-dollars—depends on an accurate count of communities. And the Trump Administration isn’t being “traditional” here in insisting on an outdated census, they do want an update: a question on citizenship status, which would destroy any chance of an accurate count. Yep, you figured it out. But don’t worry, we are fighting it and will keep you updated.