The biggest news we missed while we were away is this new book, Fire and Fury, which basically says the president is an ill-informed, unstable, egotistical man-child (paraphrasing, apparently just like the book’s author too!). If you’re like us, the first thought is: And this is news why? Well, the news bit is that pretty much everyone around Trump, including his closest advisers, think this of him. This may strike you as a very worrying sign, but don’t worry! President Trump reassured us all on Twitter that he’s “like, really smart,” only to take it back instantly in a second tweet, saying he’s “not smart, but genius....and a very stable genius at that!” Phew, thank you Mr. President for that assurance, we were worried there for a second. But while we don’t doubt you one bit, we know some people out there might, so we’d like to offer our thoughts on how to silence the doubters: How about you get rid of all your administration’s lawyers and personally step in as counsel in all Mueller interviews with your team about the Russia investigation? Once people see you can do it all by yourself, no one will doubt what super stable, super genius you are. Like, really!