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After today's deadly attack in Libya, I think this article in Al-Akhbar English is a good reminder of the often unpleasant after-effects of military intervention:

Libya has suffered from severe instability since a Western military intervention helped oust Gaddafi. The armed conflict brought with it an influx of weapons into the country, most of which are now in the hands of rogue militias that refuse to disarm.

The National Transitional Council is struggling to impose its authority in the oil-rich north African state, while militiamen have previously complained at the lack of government salaries as a pretext to not disarming and joining the central armed forces.

Especially as the Annan Peace Plan in Syria totters on the brink of collapse, I think it's important to look to Libya to see how international involvement often has long and unintended consequences for future stability.

Read the full article here.

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