Earlier this week, high school student Karla Stephan (an intern of ours, we’re proud to say) took to the streets and to MSNBC to let you know that climate change is a serious threat that needs to be addressed. The mass, global action that Karla joined coincided with the UN Climate Action Summit which was held at the UN in New York. Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg also visited the US—and was insulted by Trump, as has become tradition for newcomers to our shores. We don’t often cover climate change, but it’s notable that some of the states most impacted by climate change—including Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, New York, and Massachusetts—just so happen to be a majority of the states with the highest number of Arab Americans. Further, climate change is driving conflict and hitting the Arab world particularly hard, rendering droughts, heat waves, and dust storms worse each year. The most vulnerable countries in the region appear to be Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. If we care about our species’ future, we should take Karla’s lead and do something!

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