With over 4 hours of debate film to pilfer for squabbles and metrics and soundbites, the media is doing its job quite competently in covering all the drama of CNN’s GOP debate last night on CNN. But buried between high school fights and yawn-worthy resume readings, we caught our first look at the foreign policy war taking place in the Republican party’s candidate field. Candidates were fighting to outdo each other on two scores: 1) Criticizing President Obama’s failed foreign policy. And, 2) Promising to subdue all the causes of all of the world’s most complex conflicts. Whether through measured and cautious response (notably from Rand, Rubio, Bush, and Kasich) or outright military conquest (articulated by Graham, Jindal, Trump, Cruz) each of the candidates is fully confident that fixing the worlds problems is as easy as having the courage to do so. Aside from the cringeworthy “Arab names” comment from Trump, we were overall pleased to hear actual policies and outright disagreement on how would-be presidents would handle a variety of foreign policy issues from the Iran deal to Syria and combatting ISIL. We’re spending the day updating our candidate profiles with all the notable policy statements, so make sure to check them out.