With Texas being the first state to hold its primary on Tuesday, we’re officially off to the mid-term primary races! Due in large part to a bunch of representatives retiring in Texas, the congressional ballots were particularly crowded. But Texans were eager to get their votes in early. The state saw a 50 percent increase in early voting submissions compared to the 2014 primaries, with more than 885,000 people voting through early voting or by mail in the most populous counties. Of the almost 50 women running for Congress in Texas, more than half won their primaries outright or moved on to runoff elections. The only reason we aren’t listing their names here instead of lumping them together as “women” is because there isn’t enough room to name them all (but you really must read all about it!). For the first time in history, Texas could be close to electing its first Latina Congress members, as Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia won their bids for the Democratic nominations. The Texas primary fun isn’t over yet, though, as more than 30 races are headed to the primary runoffs on May 22.