The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is throwing a change-up with its temporary protected status (TPS), which allows citizens of certain war-torn or disaster-ridden countries to live and work in the US as long as their home country remains designated under TPS. Both Sudan and South Sudan were scheduled for review in November 2017, so DHS announced this week that Sudan, which has been on the list since 1997 and is on Trump’s arbitrary travel ban list, will be removed in 2018, while South Sudan would be extended through mid-2019 for future review. The 1,000+ Sudanese nationals in the US under TPS don’t have to go home, but they also can’t stay here without some form of visa. Over the next 6 months, Trump’s DHS will face TPS decisions which could impact more than 400,000 foreign nationals currently in the US. If the ill-fated border wall, the Muslim ban, the refugee ban, the ending of DACA, and now the removal of Sudan from TPS are any indications, Trump doesn’t seem to like foreigners he can’t marry or under-pay. As such, many of those 400,000 individuals living in the US under TPS may soon be forced to look for greener pastures.

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