Darth Vader has been demoted, when he was called into Emperor Palpatine’s office, made to turn in his sleek black armor and put on a white Stormtrooper uniform. Okay, it wasn’t that dramatic, but the Darth Vader-aspiring Steve “Islam is not a religion of peace” Bannon was just removed from the National Security Council (NSC). This means the council has lost input from one of the foremost national security experts… Sorry, correction: It means the council has lost the input of someone whose resumé headliner is running an inflammatory alt-right troll site. If you’re worried about how we’re going to keep the country safe without such expertise, relax! The troll site reassured its readers that their former boss will retain his White House security clearance, so his lovely thoughts are still available to the President. Of course, finding himself off the NSC was no small blow to Bannon in his infighting with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, and if you thought he might quit his job altogether over it, you weren’t off the mark. However, the Death Star’s destruction was averted when Breitbart funder Rebekah Mercer (the woman credited with Bannon’s initial rise in the Trump orbit) talked him out of resigning, thereby ensuring the dark(er) side of the force lives on.