Senator Patrick Leahy was joined by 10 of his Senate colleagues in a letter to Secretary Kerry about the Leahy Law’s application to U.S. aid to Israel and Egypt. It’s quite easy to skip over the Egypt language because it’s nothing new, but singling out Israel for “possible gross violations of human rights by security forces…what may by extrajudicial killings by the Israeli military and police” is new. Well, not new to anyone who understands how violent and illegal the occupation is, and has been for 50+ years. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn’t particularly appreciate the allegations lobbed at his occupation forces, and responded through the respectable diplomatic channel of a Facebook post. Netanyahu’s childish and tired deflection of the letter’s concerns about very specific incidents look pretty ridiculous when just two days after the letter became public, an Israeli medic was videotaped shooting an injured Palestinian suspect on the ground in Hebron. The State Department, who acknowledged receipt of the letter, must respond.