It's a real shame Senator Lindsey Graham was in the undercard debate and not on the main stage for the Republican showdown Tuesday night - he has been the only adult in the room as of late. Visibly annoyed with the low caliber conversation, Graham continues to try to clean up the global mess created by Trump and company's bigotry and ill-conceived diplomacy by issuing an exasperated debate stage apology to Muslims across the world, including millions of his fellow Americans who happen to be Muslim. Graham's entire debate performance seemed to be a lesson to his fellow candidates on why their bombastic proposals to defeat ISIL and terrorism in the U.S. are wrong, incredibly misinformed, unrealistic, and plainly not smart. Graham has some help in the past from other non front-runners Governors Bush and Christie who have both issued their own disavowals of Trump's bigotry, but Graham's prime time smack down takes the cake.