Countdown has been keeping you abreast of the GOP's retention issues lately, as Republican members of the House have been in a retirement frenzy, announcing they will not seek re-election. One of those members whose departure is raising extra eyebrows is Texas Rep. Will Hurd, the last remaining Black Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives. Hurd's retirement is troubling to those who continue to push for a more diverse GOP, including the Representative himself. In an interview with Politico, Hurd said, "If people don't think you care about them, they're not going to listen to your idea regardless of what that idea is. And the only way you solve that is by showing up, the only way you solve that is by not saying mean things and saying misogynist things, not saying racist things, not being homophobic or any kind of phobic." You know, we sort of get it when the GOP doesn’t pay adequate attention to us  calling on them to take a stand against bigotry. But when departing members of Congress of your own party are saying this to you directly, how are you still not listening? Come on, GOP, bigotry is not a partisan issue, it’s a blight on what America is supposed to stand for, for all of us!