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September 14th is a busy day for the 8 states holding their primary elections, and it marks the last major round of voting before Election Day on November 2. After today, only Hawaii and Louisiana are left.

There are nine Arab American candidates running in four states: Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York. These nine candidates include the rare instance of two Arab American candidates running against each other—in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District Richard Ashooh is competing with Bob Bestani for the GOP nomination. You can view the other Arab American candidates running here, and remember to check back tomorrow morning for the results of their races!

For more on the significance of today’s primary races, CNN has 5 Things to Know about today’s elections. You may also want to read The Last Super-Mega-Uber Tuesday of the Cycle from The Atlantic, because in addition to having a great title, it has a quick breakdown of 8 races you’ll want to be watching. Steve Peoples of CQ breaks down today’s votes with a focus on GOP candidates here, and Politic’s Daily features Poll Watch Roundup.

AAI wants to hear from you—tell us about your voting experience, how the campaigns have affected your decision, and what you think this primary means for local politics in your area. And as always, yalla vote!


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