There is a natural tendency to discuss national security after a major terrorist attack, and to discuss racism and policing practices after controversial police shootings, and so on. But oddly enough, we’re not allowed to talk about guns after major gun violence, because that’s somehow “politicizing” a tragedy. Well, conversations around what kind of weapons we want spread across our society are inherently political, and events like the tragedy that just unfolded in Las Vegas are a reminder that we urgently need to have them. Of course, even after children were massacred in Sandy Hook, no major gun control measure was passed, as the NRA continued to falsely claim that advocates of sensible gun control were trying to take Americans’ guns away. In light of the worst incident of gun violence in modern American history, the GOP put on hold a bill that would eliminate regulations on gun silencers and there seems to be movement on outlawing the sale of devices that convert semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic weapons. Of course, we shouldn't dismiss the mental health aspect of this either. But whatever becomes of all this, it’s crucial to remember this isn’t about "sensitivity," this is about an ongoing national crisis that requires a meaningful conversation that leads to serious action.

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