In case you missed it, Lebanon is finally getting some much needed attention on the world stage to help the tiny country deal with the influx of over 1.1 million registered Syrian refugees. A new plan came to fruition at one of the many side shows of the United Nation's General Assembly meeting in New York this week. In fact, the Leaders Summit on Refugees had some of the most memorable moments so far - like the letter President Obama read aloud. Ahead of the summit, Lebanon received a special promise that there would be an unveiling of a huge new investment plan to help countries like Lebanon cope with the strain that refugees place on already fragile host communities, and to help give refugees a better life in their new homes, temporary or otherwise. And once it was announced, we have to say it looks promising. The U.S. helped establish two new funding streams that aim to support projects that service host communities and refugee populations in middle income countries. What makes this initiative noteworthy is it's focus on employment and education for refugees, two policies that are controversial and neglected areas of need by countries who want to believe refugees are a temporary phenomenon, and resist long term planning for them. But education and jobs are essential to saving generations of Syrians who are far from their homes, their jobs, and their schools. So far, the U.S. announced a $50 million investment into these plans, which can go far to help Lebanon address the impacts that these long term needs will inevitably have on it's own people. So, we're encouraged and we're hopeful. Something we can't always say about the refugee crises across the world.