The UN General Assembly should, in theory, be our planet’s most consequential gathering of leaders. In practice, however, it’s been little more than a platform of grandstanding and, by extension, a source of great entertainment. The most amusing moment came when Donald Trump took center stage to brag about his own greatness, causing laughter to break out in the world body, which is incredibly ironic for a man who once specifically said that what America needs was a “a President who isn't a laughing stock to the entire World.” Israel’s Netanyahu tried to give Trump a run for his money, but he showed up to the podium with the same old props & Iran-focused war-mongering, which is less funny the 10th time around. Oh, as for the substance of the fear-mongering, US intelligence officials described Netanyahu's claims about the supposedly newly discovered nuclear facilities as "misleading," noting the warehouse Bibi alluded to was "full of file cabinets and paper, not aluminum tubes for centrifuges." Oops! But it’s a post-truth world, so no one cares.