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As part of its Emerging Leaders Program, the Arab American Institute (AAI) hosted an event last night with Al Jazeera's Rami Khater (left), Senior New Media Producer for The Stream, as well as veteran journalist Jeffrey Ghannam (right). Ghannam talked about his extensive experience in the world of journalism, as well as the challenges he faced as an Arab American, and offered advice to young Arab Americans who either wanted to break into the field or learn how to get journalists' attention to cover their stories. Ghannam also noted that Occupy Wall Street and other protest movements were inspired by the Arab uprisings for freedom and democracy, and that those uprisings had made being Arab "cool," and encouraged young Arab Americans to take advantage of that opportunity. To read Ghannam's "Digital Media in the Arab World One Year After the Revolutions," click here.

Rami Khater talked about the power of social media to raise awareness and mobilize millions of people in ways never thought possible before. He noted how the #RIPAmina hashtag on Twitter did more to raise awareness about violations of women's rights in Morocco in a few days than conventional activists could have in years. He also talked about the Kony2012 phenomenon, and its Ugandan detractors, and other ways social media has changed the way we interact with one another and share information. You can follow Rami Khater on Twitter at @Ramisms

The event was attended by two dozen young Arab American professionals, and delicious food was catered from Kababji Grill. If you want to receive email invitations to future Emerging Leaders events, or participate in our leadership summits, town halls, and service day projects, please sign up here. And if you're interested in helping to host an Emerging Leaders event at your school or organization, email Hilary. For more information on the Emerging Leaders Program, click here.

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