It's been a tough week for the press. On August 29 an Egyptian court sentenced Al Jazeera journalists Egyptian Baher Mohamed, Canadian Mohamed Fahmy, and Australian Peter Greste to three years in jail. The crime? "Aiding" a terrorist organization, in this case the Egyptian court is referring to the Muslim Brotherhood, which was outlawed in 2013. Al Jazeera was there in Tahrir Square as throngs of protestors called for the fall of Hosni Mubarak. The revolution was broadcast live to the world as were the often brutal shakeups that followed in the aftermath of Mubarak's fall. The revolution was about a reversal of the old order. This jail sentence reveals the painful truth that little has changed. Investigations of bias or concerns over a particular tilt may be warranted, but jail time is an extreme measure and should be condemned in strongest terms. No government should have the authority to silence the press through threats of imprisonment.