Posted by on June 02, 2014 in Blog

Today marks the beginning of the first ever Immigrant Heritage Month, a nationwide effort to share people’s stories of immigration in America. Our community, like many others, is proud of our ethnic heritage and together we can highlight narratives of Arab Americans who have contributed so much to so many aspects of America.

Immigrant Heritage Month (IHM), an initiative spearheaded by, is an important platform to join many other immigrant communities to underscore how our country’s heritage is built on the diversity and contributions of immigrants. Our combined, coordinated voices can be a powerful advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. This is our chance to lend our voice to policy makers and activists who are pushing for real and comprehensive reform before Congress adjourns for the summer recess in August.

Please join us by sharing your own “Welcome” story—it could be about when you arrived in the U.S., when your parents made the journey, or the story of a distant relative a few generations ago—we need to hear it.  As Arab Americans, we have always shared these stories with great pride. Now, we need to make them part of this wonderful national conversation in support of comprehensive immigration reform.  We simply need you to do the following: 

  • Check out our "Together We Came" campaign highlighting the many contributions of Arab immigrants and their descendants to our nation.
  • Visit the website and adopt the “Established” image as your profile picture on social media;
  • Share stories about local immigrant businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, activists, artists, students or athletes who serve as inspirational leaders;
  • Write an op-ed for your local paper about how immigrants have contributed to your community and our nation and we will help you place it in your local paper.

Make sure to follow the campaign throughout the month as we highlight the contributions of Arab Americans, while pushing for immigration reform. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @AAIUSA, and check out our website for weekly updates.

Also be sure to check out and share this moving video: