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Arab Americans aren’t the only ones celebrating the appointment of Johnny Khamis as the first-ever Arab American City Council member representing the 10th district of the city of San Jose, California. Khamis’s swearing-in ceremony, which was led yesterday by San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, received prominent attention from the local San Jose news site, which lauded the newly-elected Republican for, among other things, helping San Jose to reach yet “another milestone in the growing diversity of the Bay Area's largest city.” Khamis, a financial adviser by trade and a Republican, won the swing district which usually leans left. According to the San Jose Mercury News report, Mayor Chuck Reed praised Khamis saying telling the over 200 people in attendance at the City Hall Rotunda ceremony that they “elected a family man, a businessman and a public servant." Khamis’s election is a victory for the Arab American community as we continue to increase the gamut of Arab American participation in public service. AAI congratulates Councilman Khamis and we look forward to monitoring his progress.

View the San Jose Mercury News report which includes 10 awesome photos of Khamis’s swearing-in ceremony.

An excerpt of the article appears below:

SAN JOSE -- San Jose marked another milestone in the growing diversity of the Bay Area's largest city with a swearing-in ceremony Sunday for newly elected Councilman Johnny Khamis, the city's first elected official of Arab descent.

"I'm deeply humbled," Khamis told the crowd at the ceremony in City Hall's distinctive glass rotunda after a Boy Scout troop presented the U.S. flag for the Pledge of Allegiance and a local high school freshman sang the national anthem.

In addition to Khamis, two other newly-elected Arab American candidates were sworn in to their respective offices recently. In Dearborn this December, Sam Salamey was sworn-in as the new 19th District Court Judge in front of a crowd of more than 500. Salamey is the first Arab American judge to serve in the city of Dearborn despite the community’s prevalence in and around the city. Also sworn-in this December in Dearborn was Brian Mosallam who will now serve an 8-year term as a Michigan State University Trustee. Mosallam won his election after years of pursuing the position. Mosallam graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Engineering Arts and also was a member of the MSU Football team.

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