For decades, US presidents have signed waivers to ignore a silly law passed by Congress that requires the US to recognize an “undivided” Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and to move the US embassy there. But unlike presidents who abandon provocative campaign posturing and become responsible leaders once they’re in office, Trump became the first US president in office to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to begin the process of moving the embassy there. But in a pathetic attempt to have it both ways, Trump also signed the waiver that allows him to ignore the congressional order. He was warned this recognition would escalate tensions and possibly violence, and sure enough, people around the world protested, and the Israel cracked down on Palestinian protesters, causing injury and death. Trump insists that recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was mere acknowledgment of reality. But guess what: East Jerusalem is Palestinian land that was illegally annexed by Israel, and the only reason reality doesn’t have East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital is because Israel is preventing this from happening at the point of a gun, in violation of international law and to the condemnation of every major human rights organization. But now that the US has disqualified itself as a mediator of talks by becoming an active participant in Israel’s assault on Palestinian rights, where do we go from here?