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The public relations battle continues on the blockade of Gaza. Having generally completed the “we had to attack the terrorist aboard the humanitarian ships scenario,” the extreme pro-Israeli camp has shifted to “there is no real humanitarian crisis in Gaza anyway.” However, extensive facts in the real world contradict that specious claim and many in the media are openly challenging it. Here is an excellent report from Think Progress entitled Gaza’s Humanitarian Crisis.

On Thursday’s Viewpoint with James Zogby, Bill Corcoran of American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) talked about their first-hand account of the situation in Gaza. Bill offered the following:

“I don’t know where these talking heads are getting information but it seems like it has an ideological basis to it, rather than a fact-based set of information. I was just there two weeks ago, Jim. This is my seventh trip to Gaza since the war. It’s evident to me as a casual observer and also based on our staff on the ground that the situation is deteriorating quickly and is not even stable. I’ll give you one example. We were on a feeding program for 20,000 children per day for 3-year-olds. We run blood tests on them. The incidence of anemia has increased from 38% to 48% among 3, 4, and 5-year-olds. That’s deterioration that’s significant. We’re also seeing it in terms of the stunting of the children and the malnutrition.”

To view the full interview, click here.

We will continue to make sure the humanitarian crisis faced by 1.5 million people in Gaza as a result of the blockade remains a part of the public conversation. You can help us do the same by taking action.

Gaza: latest update from the White House: VP Biden meets with Pres. Hosni Mubarak and weighs in on Gaza: “In addition, we are consulting closely with Egypt, as well as our other partners, on new ways to address the humanitarian, economic, security, and political aspects of the situation in Gaza.” Click here to read his official statement on the peace process