In standard reversal of reality by the Trump Administration, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley suggested that Palestinian President Abbas was being an obstacle to peace (yes, it’s the same guy who bent over backwards to accommodate years of U.S.-Israeli pressure. But go figure!). She argued that peace requires “courageous leaders,” and “prayed” for “history” to provide the Palestinians with more courageous leadership. In response, PLO Secretary General Saeb Erakat said this: “Nikki Haley needs to shut up and realise that the Palestinian leadership is not the problem” (is this how you reacted too?). We’re not big on the “shut up” part because we are all about civility and being nice to each other on the Countdown team, but we’re definitely in favor of her realizing that the Palestinian leadership is not the problem. I mean, don’t get us wrong, they are absolutely a problem when it comes to freedom of expression in Palestine, among many other issues. But when it comes to the absence of a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, that one is on the Israeli occupation, and the Trump Administration’s multifaceted enablement of it, from irresponsible embassy moves to terrible speeches at the UN. Speaking of terrible speeches at the UN… Oh never-mind, we’re for civility, so we’ll stop.