Last week Donald Trump officially rolled out his campaign in the American city of Israel. Oh wait, we mean the country of Israel, but it’s not hard to understand how we got it wrong when folks are talking about the "Israeli branch of the Republican party.” Neither candidate has made Israel or Palestine an issue since their early AIPAC rendezvous, but the Clinton camp quietly made gains with the zero sum pro-Israel base by opposing basic facts in the Democratic platform and after having proclaimed her unbreakable support not just for Israel, but also Benjamin Netanyahu. In the other camp, Trump's early statements about being a "neutral" broker have given way to the launch of the Republican party's first ever ground game in Israel to court expat votes that he is - surprisingly - losing according to a recent poll. Trump's long awaited trip to Israel hasn't yet happened this election cycle, but maybe now it will since Trump knows he is losing the "Israel vote." He might also be facing some internal pressure to make the political right of passage from one of his advisors who funds the Israeli settler movement. We'll be watching to see if he takes the trip, and if his rhetoric goes along for the ride.