Posted by Mondoweiss on July 29, 2014 in News Clips

Pro-Israel advocates are now at war with the US media, which is showing a decidedly skeptical tone when it comes to Israeli claims in Gaza.

Josh Block of the Israel Project is pushing to have NBC remove Ayman Mohyeldin from Gaza– again.

When will @NBCNews pulling the guy transcribing Hamas press releases calling it reporting from #Gaza? When will they retract his false reports?

Block would seem to be referring to tweets by Mohyeldin yesterday, including one quoting Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri saying the killings of civilians by Israel is a result of the “silence of the international community.”

Mohyeldin continues to get out what he has called the “Palestinian side” of the story. One tweet today says that reading the names of children killed by Israel on the radio is so controversial that the country has barred such an ad. And: Israel has reduced the size of the Gaza Strip by 40 percent through the creation of a no-man’s land.

Last night on NBC Nightly News, Mohyeldin’s colleague Richard Engel showed two children seriously injured in what their families said was an Israeli attack (and that Israel said were Hamas rockets). “Kids were playing on swings and bicycles,” Engel said.

More and more Arab-Americans are showing up to make a case we haven’t heard before.

Last night Erin Burnett of CNN continued to express smoldering doubt about Israel’s claims to be protecting civilians– “They don’t have anywhere to go” — and when James Zogby said that Israel has no plan to deal with Hamas except to “mow the lawn” in Gaza every few years, Burnett nodded and said, “Powerful. Powerful case.” Given that CNN’s Karl Penhaul was also stressing that the civilians have nowhere to go to escape the missiles, and former national security adviser Stephen Hadley–the opposition voice– was agreeing with Burnett that the number of civilian deaths is “unseemly,” the Israel lobby might just have felt left out of the panel.

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