There are a lot of strange things happening in this country - and with 74 days left until Election Day, we are here to sort fact from fiction and fess up to where things are just plain confusing. In a marked change from the past few weeks, Hillary Clinton is the one feeling serious heat this week as more allegations of how she blurred, perhaps bent, the legal line between her duties as Secretary of State and her allegiance to the Clinton Foundation's donors. But we still haven't seen anything that demonstrates a real "pay to play" policy, so we're a bit confused about how the story has taken ahold of media cycles while there are more obvious issues to press Clinton on. And on the Trump side we can't really tell fact from fiction because the grand pivot we are supposedly seeing strikes us as inauthentic. Maybe the major staff changes last week have Trump nervous and more willing to play politics, but Trump's first attempt to woo non-white voters is really out of left field given Trump's history this election and throughout his entire business career. And his new (?) immigration plan - which sounds pretty similar to the plans he slammed during the primary - is a far cry from the defiant, radical deportation plan that rallied his base early on. Maybe Donald is learning what it takes to govern (i.e. reason), but then again, that seems like a fictional tale.

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