Iowa wasn't friendly to anyone, literally. Even the winners, Senator Ted Cruz and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, didn't walk away unscathed. While there is some crazy business with the path to the narrow victory of Hillary Clinton (seriously, how does anyone win 6 of 6 coin flips? That's nearly a statistical impossibility), the Ted Cruz drama is downright scary, which seems to be his strategy. When he's not trying to scare people about refugees or carpet bombing cities in Syria, he apparently found the time to craft an unethical – possibly illegal - way to scare Iowans into attending caucuses. The Cruz campaign sent out very official looking mail to voters who they thought were likely Cruz suppoters. It read "VOTING VIOLATION" – and attempt to scare people into voting this time around to improve their record (whether they needed to or not). It's nice that a constitutional lawyer would toe the legal line in order to get people to vote for him. And it wasn't just the mailers, Cruz's crew is also under fire from rivals Trump and Carson for tricking people into voting for him on caucus night. Cruz needs to reign in the fear and rediscover constitutional limitations on fraud. Elections can be ugly, but the kind of manipulation coming from the Cruz campaign is scary. Shouldn't a future president be looking to inspire us?

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