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Fay Beydoun is the Vice President of the Michigan State Democratic Party. Ms. Beydoun is the Executive Director of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce based in Dearborn, Michigan and the CEO of Tejara Global Business Development Center. Crain's Detroit Business named Fay as one of the 100 most influential women in business this year. Fay supported Secretary Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.

FullSizeRender.jpgQ: What is your history with the Democratic Party? Why do you consider yourself a Democrat?

I first became a precinct delegate over 25 years ago then went on to do grassroots community organizing within the Arab American community. From there I began working and managing campaigns for Democrats, both Arab and non-Arab.  I have always strongly believed that the ethics and values of the Democratic Party are that values and ethics I strongly support.  

Q: What role are you playing at this Convention?

I am a Michigan delegate for Hillary. And strongly believe that the vote of ethnic communities and women will make a major difference this presidential election. It is up to us all to do everything we can to get the vote out.  

Q: What are you most looking forward to this convention?

Unity within the Democratic convention and the evening speeches are always a highlight. I also truly enjoy the people I meet, especially Arab American delegates from other states. 

Q: What issues attracted you to Secretary Clintons campaign? What does her Vice Presidential pick, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, add to those issues?

Economy, jobs, healthcare, and national security issues.  I believe that Senator Tim Kaine brings the right balance for Hillary. They will make a good team. 

Q: What is the one issue you wish you could influence Secretary Clinton to change her position on? What are you reservations about Secretary Clinton?

I wish i could change Secretary Clinton's position on free trade agreements, and also influence her foreign policy.