Posted by Arab American Institute on July 28, 2016 in Blog

Ayla Kadah is an Arab American delegate from Washington, where she supported Senator Bernie Sanders. Ayla is 21 years old, making her the youngest ever delegate from Washington State, and the youngest Arab American delegate at the 2016 Democratic Convention. 

13876407_10208667954447710_5031890216990122467_n.jpgQ: When and why did you immigrate to the United States? 

Though I was born in California, I was raised in Damascus, Syria. I moved back to the US in 2013 to attend the University of Washington in Seattle. 

Q: What about Senator Sanders got you involved in his campaign? 

Bernie Sanders stood out to me because he was not for sale. That, to me, meant that he believed in what he preached about the Palestinian-Israeli issue, TPP, single payer health care, and many more. 

Q: Now that Senator Sanders has dropped out, what are the positives you see in Secretary Clinton and her Vice Presidential pick Senator Tim Kaine?

Her position on gun laws.

Q: What is the one issue you wish you could influence Secretary Clinton to change her position on? What are you reservations about Secretary Clinton?

Excessive military force in the Middle East and all around the world. 

Q: What are your thoughts about Bernie delegates who are hesitant to vote for Secretary Clinton in the fall?

Bernie delegates are passionate. I think that before anything, they need time to grieve, heal, and move forward. Their main issue with the Secretary is that they believe she does not "walk the talk." If they are reached out to and shown that their values and concerns are being heard and responded to, then they can begin to consider whether or not they will cast their vote for the Secretary.