A piece in Politico made a splash this week advocating for a system of quasi-indentured servitude as a solution to the current immigration debate. Published on Tuesday and originally titled “What if you could get your own immigrant?”, the article was soundly panned, to say the least. But while the proposal just might be too nutty to be entertained as a legitimate policy option, we know some members of the legislative and the executive branch (including Stephen Miller and John Kelly, and whoever at the Department of Homeland Security wrote this absurd report, just to name a few) have a penchant for antiquated, draconian, nonsensical immigration measures. We should also consider the current state of affairs in the Senate, squirming as the administration continues to stonewall and stymie any clean solution to DACA and immigrant youth, an issue that Trump himself created! And by clean solution we mean a path to citizenship for DREAMers without threatening family reunification or the diversity visa program and without funding for a border wall. Human beings aren’t a bargaining chip.