If you’ve spent any time at all on social media, you’ve noticed that hateful, uneducated, fanatical trolls on the fringes of the internet often share fake memes and videos to stir up hostility towards one group or another. But never in a million years did we imagine the President of the United States would join the ranks of one of those hate trolls. But every time we think we’ve seen the limits to which the President is willing to sink, he manages to surprise us yet again. This time, he retweeted several anti-Muslim videos from a UK-based, right-wing extremist group, depicting random acts of vandalism or violence purportedly by Muslims. At least one video, the one claiming to show a “Muslim migrant” attacking a disabled Dutch boy, was proven fraudulent and the Dutch Embassy confirmed that the attacker was actually a Dutch-born citizen who served a sentence for the attack. In their tweet, the Dutch embassy also emphasized that “facts do matter”, in an apparent response to Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ embarrassing defense of the President’s tweets, in which she claimed that it didn’t matter if the videos were fake or not. UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Trump was wrong to retweet anti-Muslim videos, but Trump (ever so mature) fired back on Twitter, basically telling May to mind her own business. British Labour Party leader Corbyn described Trump’s retweets as a “threat to our society”, amid calls from MPs to cancel Trump’s visit to their parliament. Trump’s rhetoric & actions have long been dangerous at home and embarrassing abroad, but this really takes things to a new low—and puts people at risk. We got nothing funny to say about that.