We're left a little dumbstruck by some of Trump's latest reality reversals over the past week. It's difficult to respond to the obviously inaccurate claim that that his rival Hillary Clinton doesn't have any specific policies and he does (just compare their list of issues on their website: Trump here and Clinton here). He also flipped then flopped then flipped again on releasing his medical records - which he ultimately put out a summary of just this morning. Still no tax returns, and still no word about what his secret plan to defeat ISIL might be. We also were concerned about double speak about the role Trump's daughter Ivanka will play if he's elected. On Tuesday, Trump debuted his child care and maternity leave policy that Ivanka had complete ownership over, apparently. Ivanka's highly political, intimately involved role in her father's policy agenda and past hints that she'd even have a cabinet level role. Now that would raise interesting nepotism issues and is a very serious contradiction to the new family plan to have Ivanka and her brothers run the Trump business empire if her father is elected. There are some fatally serious conflicts of interests if Ivanka is going to be a policy wizard while the business is being run in a blind trust, as Trump has explained will happen. It doesn't appear Ivanka and Trump can have it both ways. There's 11 days until the first presidential debate, and we're looking to see if Clinton can find a better way to respond to Trump's gravity-defying claims than us. How can there be a substantive debate if it isn't grounded in reality? But then again, "nonsensical" is a pretty good way to describe this entire year and a half long election cycle.