It’s official: Nancy Pelosi has announced the launching of an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, with the backing of the majority of House members. This is based on a whistleblower reporting that the President of the United States possibly tried to condition aid to Ukraine on the Ukrainian government’s willingness to assist the President in his re-election bid by trying to get dirt on Joe Biden. On top of that, the White House is accused by the whistleblower of attempting to cover up this exchange between Trump and the Ukrainian president by removing electronic transcripts of those phone calls from where they’re typically stored and placing them instead in a more highly secure location that’s typically reserved for the most highly-sensitive national security secrets. In essence, Trump is accused of abusing the power of his office for personal gain, which is ironic when considering that what Trump wants Ukraine to investigate Biden for is (you guessed it) abuse of his public office for personal gain. What dirt is Trump hoping to get on Biden? This NPR piece gives a good summary. The most damning evidence against Trump is that, after he mysteriously withheld aid to Ukraine, he talked on the phone with the Ukrainian president, and responded to the Ukrainian president’s request for increased aid with: “I would like you to do us a favor though.” And what’s the favor Trump wanted? Investigating Biden. Abuse of power. Period.

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