Executive Orders keep coming and it's beginning to feel like a game of Red Rover where the whole concerned community of civil rights advocates are trying to find a weak link to break through. With legal challenges pending and public opinion continuing to rage against the Muslim Ban, we are holding our breath after President Trump said today that he is preparing a second, revised travel ban to be released next week. But while we wait and prepare, we're trying to be careful not to let other wildly offensive Executive Orders go without note and resistance. We are extremely concerned about rumors that the Trump administration is preparing one or maybe two orders that will further erode the immigration legacy of the United States. As if the surge in hate crimes, horrifying ICE raids and deportations, and the increasing climate of fear is not enough, these rumored orders seek to slow down and limit the legal immigration system in undemocratic ways.. They do that by making legal immigration subject to a determination that the person applying for a visa or a green card will not likely become dependent on federal assistance programs - like food stamps. This is wrong headed, factually off-base, and despicable, truly. Far from being a drain on the U.S. economy or costing American jobs, we know that immigrants massively contribute to thriving U.S. businesses and society, and immigrants are less dependent on federal assistance than U.S.-born individuals. This Executive Order - if it is issued or even if it isn't - is already being an effective dog whistle to nativists and pandering to Trump's many anti-immigrant campaign supporters. Today, on this #DayWithoutImmigrants, we not only stand for the immigrants that are currently in the U.S., but the future immigrants who will bring so much value, worth, and American spirit with them in the future.