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Media coverage of the Middle East is focused on the newly resumed peace talks and the impending September 25 settlement freeze deadline that could derail them. But what if you are interested in getting past the headlines to learn more about one of the biggest obstacles to a peace agreement?

Our brilliant friends at Americans for Peace Now have launched a new app (available now for the iPhone with more platforms coming soon) that allows users to track settlement activity in the West Bank. Taking the years of work APN has done on settlement tracking and developing a simple application that will allow anyone to pierce through the complicated data will transform the conversation about this critical final status issue.

Here is Noam Shelef at APN:

Settlements stand in the way of peace. In the short-term, news of their expansion can derail President Barack Obama's efforts to get real peace talks going. In the long-term, unchecked settlement expansion can spell the end for Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

But that hasn't stopped settler leaders and other talking heads from spouting empty rhetoric about how construction in settlements doesn't really matter. Their tactic is simple: take advantage of the complexity of the situation to obscure construction that undermines peace.

All of that changes today.

From now on, anyone with an iPhone or an Internet connection can access Facts on the Ground: The APN Map App and get a clear - and constantly updating - picture of developments. This new transparency is doubly important today, as Israel considers abandoning its 'freeze' on new settlement construction.

This is a case where simple access to the facts will alter the debate. If you agree, download the app and help enlighten the conversation.


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