Should Israeli settlement products be boycotted? Duh! Because the moral case for such a boycott is obvious, one Senator after another stood before the legislature, delivering harsh words about Israel’s theft of Palestinian land, and insisted that the country cannot trade in goods that came about as a result of war crimes. But this was not America, of course. No, this was Ireland, where Senator (and Gibran Award-recipient) Frances Black brought “The Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018” to the floor in defense of Palestinian rights, and succeeded in passing it despite government opposition. But even the minister speaking on behalf of the government, Simon Coveney, was careful to emphasize his understanding of the injustice Israel imposes on the Palestinians before offering strategic concerns about the right approach to help the Palestinians overcome that injustice. The whole debate was fascinating (especially if you’re used to our legislature’s terrible rhetoric on Palestine). Seriously, take a moment to watch it here (skip to the 4:37:10 mark).