We know that Alan Dershowitz is often on television decidedly arguing against justice, but this week we are left scratching our heads wondering what in the world he's doing. Just last month the Democratic Party was up in arms about the potential of losing Alan Dershowitz's vote, but this month the lawyer is advising the Democrats arch-nemesis President Trump who is apparently in an open competition to woo Dershowitz into voting for his reelection in 2020. Dershowitz's sparkling TV personality probably appeals to our reality-tv-star-in-chief, particularly when the lawyer gave President Trump rare positive press when he made an argument in defense of Trump's Muslim Ban 2.0. Next thing we knew, Dershowitz was down in Mar-a-Lago chit-chatting with the President on a whole array of topics, not surprisingly including Israel policy. It's an unusual, but not ridiculous move for someone like Dershowitz who has long propagated some of the most anti-Palestinian policies. And it's also not unusual for President Trump to attract a cast of ardent pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian, pro-fear-mongering political advisors into his orbit. It's no less alarming to all of us who support peace and justice for Palestinians and Israelis to see the White House grow its cast of "insiders" who seemingly have no balance, no awareness of U.S. interests, no care for U.S. values of justice and freedom, and no sense of how negotiations can be successful. With friends and ends like these, Dershowitz and Trump might just be a good, but terrifying, match. We'll be watching.