By all accounts – all three of them – Bernie Sanders’s speech on Palestine, Israel, and assorted Middle East predicaments was a monumental moment in American politics. Having snubbed the anti-Palestinian ring-kissing ceremony AIPAC hosts each year, Sanders spoke from the campaign trail in Utah with politically extinct amounts of compassion for Palestinians and difficult truths for Israel. When’s the last time you remember any credible, popular politician said anything like, “Peace will mean ending what amounts to the occupation of Palestinian territory,” or, “Peace will also mean ending the economic blockade of Gaza”? That’s not to make it seem like Bernie didn’t include good content speaking to Israeli concerns and fears, but the word “occupation” did not appear in any other AIPAC speech this year. Maybe we can blame the news cycle that was focused on weekend primaries and then quickly shifted to terrorism in Brussels, but Sanders’s speech is the best moment Palestine has had in American politics since Obama drew the 1967 line back in 2011. Probably better, but it’s not being covered like it should.