Former Ohio governor and presidential hopeful John Kasich is pushing this week for the so-called “nuclear option” in order to pass a resolution that would prevent Senate Democrats from blocking a vote against the Iran nuclear deal. Currently, the Senate Democrats are filibustering the bill so it can’t be voted on, which is why Kasich decided to try this tactic. If succesful, the nuclear option would allow the Senate to override its supermajority requirement for passing legislation and ending a filibuster, which normally requires at least 60 votes, and replacing it with a simple majority requirement. In his effort to get the deal-blocking bill passed, Kasich is calling for “extreme measures [to be] taken… to achieve it.” This push is coming not even a week after the GOP debate where Kasich was the oddball out when he said he wouldn’t immediately rip up the Iran nuclear deal if he took office. Even though these efforts are seemingly pointless because President Obama can just veto the bill if it passes, Kasich is committed to this path, claiming he doesn’t meet “many people here in the country who like this agreement.” In fact, Americans are more in favor of the deal with or without knowledge of its details. Also, those against the deal should listen to Pope Francis who said before Congress "when countries which have been at odds resume the path of dialogue…new opportunities open up for all."