We all know Trump has made some terrible appointments to key government positions. Unlike the many that have sailed through, this week was a good one for those who are hoping qualified candidates and saneness should prevail. Three nominees seemed to have been stopped or delayed this week, including district court nominees for Alabama and Texas, respectively Brett Talley and Jeff Mateer, and nominee to head the civil rights division at the Department of Education Kenneth Marcus. For the federal bench nominees, let’s just say people had their reservations, including the American Bar Association, which handed Talley a unanimous “not qualified” rating, given that the 36-year-old has never tried a case. Oh, not to mention his bigoted views about Muslims and that he committed himself “financially, politically, and intellectually” to the NRA in the aftermath of the tragedy at Sandy Hook, which happened five years ago this week. And Mateer? He’s no better, seeing as he called transgender children part of “Satan’s plan” and supports conversion therapy. Yep, that’s a lot but because we know that Marcus has made a career out of trying to silence pro-Palestinian justice advocacy on campuses, and because he genuinely holds disturbing views on other civil rights issues, we focused on Marcus. We just didn’t think it cool that an opponent of civil rights should head a civil rights office, especially one he will use to deny the rights of others. So, in addition to trying to change the definition of anti-Semitism on college campuses to include criticism of Israel, Marcus’ track record is really something. To share, we made a video about him speaking before at an anti-LGBTQ hate group’s conference on Capitol Hill in opposition to including the LGBTQ Community in hate crime protections and so much more. We also sent a letter to the senate committee opposing his nomination, and encouraged others to do the same. While Marcus’ fate is not clear, he did not pass the committee on Wednesday as his name was pulled from consideration for this particular markup. So, if you’re keeping score, Talley and Mateer out, Marcus out for now.  While we stay on top of all this, we can’t help but seriously wonder: who picked these guys? Oh, right.