With the US administration repeatedly contradicting itself on the Gulf-Qatar crisis, it was unclear what US policy towards the matter would look like when it came to action. But action is finally here, as the US has signed a memorandum of understanding with Qatar on combatting terrorism, which Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he was “hopeful” could make “some progress” on resolving tensions with neighboring countries. While the agreement focuses on the disruption of terrorism financing, the UAE foreign minister continues to insist that Qatar must “double its efforts” in combating terrorism, saying if it wasn’t ready to do more to be a part of their alliance, “it’s time to  say goodbye.” Wait, did he say “goodbye”? Um, that’s vague, but kind of ominous. And now Tillerson has made an unexpected return to Qatar after further talks with Saudi officials. And now even the Qataris are “upbeat” about resolving the crisis. Can someone please call Tillerson and ask what made him “hopeful?” Because it’s hard to imagine which side capitulates on those far-reaching demands, and we hope there is more to that hope than hope (get your head around that one).