We live in dangerous times, and the only way to keep our country safe is to have smart, thoughtful, incisive leaders at the Department of Homeland Security. Of course, there are many qualified security experts, but a high level, assistant secretary position was, according to Sheriff David Clarke, just offered to him. He’s a man so perceptive that he was on to the joint ISIS/Black Lives Matter plot to destroy America before anyone else. From this day forth, DHS will no longer be held back by the shackles of “facts” and “commonsense”. If the terrorists are going to take their fight from the physical to the digital space, DHS will one-up them by taking our defenses from reality to imagination! Ok, but on a more serious note, do you know how frightening this is to the civil rights of... just about everyone? But hold your horses, DHS thinks Sheriff Clarke may have gotten ahead of himself a little, announcing that an official announcement about the Clarke announcement has yet to be announced (sorry, we over did that one).