How does Hillary plan to get into the Oval office?  Following Obama’s voter base. As her approval ratings go down and the rallies heat up, Hillary has a secret weapon in her back pocket, and the Dems in congress are following suit. David Cicilline (D-RI) has proposed a bill to automatically register Americans to vote. This proposal comes on the heels of Hillary’s fiercest partisan speech yet last Thursday at Texas Southern University, where she called for sweeping changes to national voter access laws. Although the proposal had been in the works for months before Hillary’s announcement, it reflects the bipartisan struggle over voter restrictions which could possibly determine the 2016 elections. Hillary blasted Republicans in her speech for “systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of citizens from voting.” Republicans are hitting back, retaining their usual, and baseless, position that voting restrictions help limit voter fraud. This effort can be seen as Hillary’s push to pick up any and all issues impacting those in minority communities, those same minority communities that got Obama in office. The two step process of registering and voting alienates many from participating in the process that is the cornerstone of our democracy. Although the bill will see an uphill battle—with Hillary’s support making its path even more steep—Dems are also turning to the courts with litigation cases in prime presidential fighting grounds. Hillary's attempt at assuring minority voters she is on their side could be a game-changer. However we must remember, voting is a sacrosanct right and both camps should stop treating it as a political tool.

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