There haven’t been many easy moments for Hillary Clinton throughout her quest to become the first female President. From the unexpectedly close primary challenge from Senator Sanders to the email server scandal that just keeps getting worse. Clinton's bad media cycles are dogging her all the way to Election Day. Last week's bombshell announcement by FBI Director James Comey regarding more Clinton-connected emails was a shot to the gut of the Democratic strategy going into the home stretch. With the discovery of new emails and the tightening of national polls, Clinton might have a new reason to regret making such strong plays in long shot swing states like Arizona and Texas. Clinton's narrow 3-point lead over Trump has gotten too close for comfort for the campaign, and if you just take one quick look at the campaign's speaking schedule over the next few days you can almost feel the fear the campaign has concerning polling numbers in North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. The path to 270 is still in Clinton's grasp - but this election season we've learned to expect the unexpected.