Despite Trump’s immense unpopularity in the UK, conservative Prime Minister Theresa May opted to host him for a visit this week. And how did Trump reward May? He carried out what CNN termed an “astonishing political knifing of the British Prime Minister,” accusing her of ignoring his advice on Brexit and going “the opposite way,” thereby undermining the free trade agreement she hoped to strike with the U.S.  If that weren’t bad enough, Trump said it was “very sad” that Europe was welcoming millions of immigrants, and even took a dig at London’s Muslim mayor, accusing him of doing a bad job at preventing terrorism. Condemnation of Trump’s remarks came from across the British political spectrum, with some parliamentarians (correctly) calling him racist. Meanwhile, the snowflakes at Fox News were busy having a meltdown because the mayor of London allowed protesters to fly a balloon mocking Trump. They really like free speech there, don’t they?