Imagine if a Muslim attempted to crash his pickup truck into a church in Florida. Think that might make all the national headlines on the evening news? Well, you may have missed it, but a Florida man “intentionally drove his pick-up truck into two parked vehicles before smashing through the locked gate of the Islamic Society of Tampa Mosque” just last week. On a loosely-related note, a new academic study found that terrorist attacks receive five times more coverage in the U.S. if they are perpetrated by a Muslim, compared to a non-Muslim. But when Muslims are constantly painted as a security threat, it comes as no surprise that a recent poll found that a majority of voters now support Donald Trump’s Muslim/refugee ban on six Arab or Muslim-majority countries. That’s simply the natural outcome of the narrative deliberately promoted by hate-mongers, and perhaps inadvertently fostered and tolerated in mainstream discourse. We can and should battle the discriminatory policies that target specific communities, but in the long-run, we have to dig a little closer to the core, and address the way hate shapes the narratives Americans see and hear every day. We’ll have more on that for you soon!