The left-leaning Israeli newspaper Haaretz joined the New Israel Fund to host a pretty impressive confab this week in New York. It was impressive enough to get appearances from President Obama, Senior Advisor to the President Rob Malley, and United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power. President Obama's video remarks reiterated some important parts of the same message he's been offering for his entire presidency. However, it was Malley’s and Power's comments that have raised some eyebrows—and by that we mean actually said something of significance. First, Power called into question Israel's long term intentions given the growth that continues in West Bank Israeli settlements. Then, Malley drew many headlines by saying that the unresolved conflict between Israelis and Palestinians not only contributes to the extremism that fuels ISIL, but actually prevents the ISIL problem from being solved. It's a bold assertion that calls up an age old truism—for better of for worse—that justly resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the necessary starting point for a new Middle East order. We're not ready to speculate on the White House's intentions to make another push for resolution, but as it goes in other cases, words matter. We hope their serious comments carries with it serious action.