CNN reported that Chris Christie and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) spent the night at Mitt Romney’s home in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire over Fourth of July weekend, just days after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his campaign for president. While both deny that they discussed politics at the sleepover, Chris Christie is in dire need of advice given the rough six months leading up to his announcement, characterized by falling poll numbers and increasing political fallout over the “Bridgegate” Scandal. Both Christie and Rubio have a lot to gain from getting cozy with Mitt—his extensive experience as a presidential candidate and his broad network of donors makes him a strategic player for candidates looking to gain an edge in the New Hampshire primary. Romney’s opinions on candidates carry significant weight in the Republican Party, and just last week Romney publicly denounced Donald Trump’s comments on illegal immigrants, prompting other candidates in the GOP race to weigh in on the issue. While Mitt Romney has repeatedly indicated that he will not be giving a formal endorsement to any candidate in the primary, the sleepover gives significant publicity to Christie and Rubio, and implies that the two have Romney’s favor.