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In a move welcomed by the Sikh community, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed HB 2230, a bill introduced by Representative John Kavanagh to remove the name of Balbir Singh Sodhi from the state’s 9/11 memorial and to sell his plaque as scrap metal.  Sodhi was the first person to be killed as a result of the backlash of 9/11, when a hateful individual took his life as “revenge” when he mistook him for a Muslim. According to the Sikh American Legal Defense & Education Fund (SALDEF), Representative Kavanagh argued that Sodhi’s death was “unconnected” to 9/11.

After several thousand letters were sent to Governor Brewer, the Governor finally vetoed the bill on Friday, April 29th, only a couple of days before the deadline.  SALDEF’s website reported that “Governor Brewer expressed her deep condolences for the family’s loss and concern over the problematic bill,” and that Representative Kavanagh apologized for his “poorly conceived” bill during a meeting with the Sodhi family and the Sikh American community.

A relative of Mr. Sodhi said:

This is why we love this country. The leadership is responsive. When we met with the Governor today and Representative Kavanaugh Tuesday they each honored my brother, our family, and our Sikh community with caring concern."

You can read further details on SALDEF’s website by clicking here.

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