Posted by on January 07, 2011 in Blog

It’s not quite certain yet, but analysts observing the recent engagements and comments of Arab American Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels agree that he’s ever more serious about pursuing the Presidency in 2012.  While in DC to deliver a speech at the inaugural "Fiscy" awards, Daniels reportedly held several off-the-record political meetings in addition to appearing on MSNBC and CNN, continuing what Erin McPike of Real Clear Politics described as his “cat-and-mouse game with the press as he builds his national name recognition in advance of a potential bid.”

A recent New York Times article stated that of all Republicans talking about deficit reduction, Mitch Daniels “arguably has the most credibility,” noting that “Indiana finds itself in better fiscal shape than many other states” due to Daniels’ policies. Coming in with strong Libertarian credentials, Daniels argues that cutting spending doesn’t necessarily mean less efficient services. His “favorite example,” the article notes, is the significant drop in the average wait time at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles despite the cuts.

Despite being a committed Libertarian, Daniels has refused to sign a pledge opposing any and all tax increases, citing his raising of sales taxes to balance his large reduction of property taxes. In essence, his approach is more realistic and less demagogic than the rhetoric of some who insist on the contradictory massive cuts in budget while promising ever more elaborate government programs.

According to McPike’s article, Republican sources in Indiana say Daniels is leaning at about 75% in favor of running for President, with some reservations about whether he wants to put his family through the rigors of a presidential campaign. We’ll keep you posted on further news about Daniels -- whether it is on or off the campaign trail.  

As longtime fans and supporters of Governor Daniels, we are honoring him with the Najeeb Halaby Award for Public Service at this year's Kahlil Gibran 'Spririt of Humanity' Awards Gala and we look forward to celebrating with him.