Ohio Governor John Kasich is the latest Republican candidate to announce his campaign for the Presidency and his catch-phrase, "Kasich is for US," reflects the type of campaign he wants to run. While GOP candidates like Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee use contentious comments to earn their seat at the Fox News debate stage, Gov. Kasich is looking to run a campaign that unites, not divides, Americans. In fact, he called on some of his Republican colleagues to “grow up,” and make realistic promises to American voters. In speaking about how to combat ISIL, Gov. Kasich stated that he would insert U.S. combat troops as part of a coalition force. Gov. Kasich’s blunt approach has both hurt and helped his campaign. During a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, he responded to a few questions by saying, “I don’t know.” Some voters in attendance warmly received his honesty, while others felt that his answers lacked nuance. Kasich's strategy is already making positive gains in the polls. Will Gov. Kasich’s honest and inclusive campaign land him a spot on the debate stage in his home state of Ohio on August 6th? We will have to wait and see.